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This is the 3rd time we – that is the 3 of us – Jim Griffin and Jacqui & Hans Stammel – are travelling through Europe by car – staying a little here and there.

EU TownsWe enjoy the countryside, the people and their food & wine (beverages). We do drive a lot – so it seems to many (who have commented). The last two trips in 2004 & 2006 did have more individual (and shorter) stop overs.
This time we will have more 2 and 3 night stays and explore the area around the place a little more. This will involve a couple longer distance “transport” stages.
And it should be remembered that the driver (Hans) rather enjoys driving – in fact it is one of his “vacation pleasures” (other than the food and company of course)

We will also be revisiting a number of places we have been to before – mainly because we do enjoy going to these places and / or there is an excellent Restaurant that must be visited again. Tongue out 

A places we always include is a small town in The Lot (southern France) – Rocamadour.
What’s the big attraction?
– well you may guess it – yes it has an excellent Restaurant and the surrounding country (and of course the Foi Gras) are not to be missed.
The other place is of course Empuriabrava on the Costa Brava where Hans’ mother has retired to and hence a “must visit” Innocent.

To find out where and when – see the itinerary.
We will be away from our Home and Office for May & June of 2008.
During that time we will again “try” and keep up with a report on our journey and this year that will take the form of a “blog” – see the links on the left.

NOTE: as in previous years the reports will be a minor part and we will always try to enjoy our time 1st and think about writing reports 2nd ... and image uploads will be even rarer – this is all from previous experience when we made promises we were unfortunately not able (or willing) to keep in the end (during the vacation)
- so no empty promises this time Innocent.

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