EU2008 - General Comments & Observations

16-19 June 2008


The “Freie Hansestadt Hamburg” still looks and feels just that – Independent. It’s alive and active – it’s new without having lost it’s old charm and live – Hamburgers and Hamburg are proud to have a tradition and at the same time know that they must progress if they want to remain one of the “Free Trading Port Cities” of the world.

Entertainment and good food also also part of this life and living in this town.
I personally know this town from over 40 years ago and can see the new without the city oir it's people having lost any of the old style, humour and appeal.

General Observations + Food

13-15 June 2008


The Capital City (once again since reunification) of Germany is still a city of construction cranes and areas requiring re-development.

One way of seeing this exciting city is to take a River boat cruise up the Spree and down the “Landware Kanal ” past many of the old historic places as well as through the new super modern new German Parlamentary building complex and accommodation developments, past remaining section of the wall which once devided East & West Germany etc …..

General Observations + Food

11+12 June 2008


An old “Fachwerk” town of Quedlinburg with a history dating back to the 900′s with the 1st German King (Otto 1.) while the area was part of the Roman Empire is a town worth a visit. Located to the east of the Harz in what was once part of the previous East German state it is now also connected to the narrow gauge Harz Railway line.

….. more about this town when we have more time to write ….

General Observations

9+10 June 2008

Mosel – Boppard

The roads along both sides of the Mosel are lined with vineyards most of which go up at 45% angled slops. Small villages with independent wine makers (various sizes some better known than others) and small B&Bs are like gems rowed up on a necklace with the dual town of Bernkastle / Kues as the center jewel.

Unfortunately on the day of our visit – a Monday – ALL the nice cake shops were closed “Montag = Ruhetag”- and I had so looked forward to my lunch of a veriety of cream cakes etc with a good cup of Filter Kaffee. Instead I had to head to the nearest Imbiss and console my self with a couple of Sausages & pommes (frites).

….. more about this and our time (once again) on the banks of the Rhein in Boppard – this time with some friends ……

General Observations + Food

4th June 2008

Chateau Plessis Brezot

On our way to the Loire valley we visited the Chateau Plessis Brezot where we staid two years ago when the new owners had taken over the vineyards and the wine cellars – but unfortunately had not been able take over the Chateau. On this visit we found out that the previous owners had finally vacated the premises (over 2 years after the sale had been completed) and Luc and his wife could move in & their twin daughters were born in the Chateau just 10 days after our visit.

Luc – who creates wines in the very old traditonal styles without any chemical additions – in the vineyard or the production of the wines – was very pleased to receive us and show off his first creations. He has a small but distinctly different range of wines which he was eager to have us taste and comment on. One stood out and he is particularly proud of – His 2005 Cuvee Romaine has been created in the early Roman style (the land was already planted with vines in the Roman days) with traditional methods as would have been used in those days. We found this wine to VERY interesting and VERY easy to drink.

The other 4 wines he presented for tasting (including a light red and an experimental “Greek” version of the Cuvee Romaine) were also of very high quality - and we finished most of the content of the bottles – this was mainly achieved by Michael and Luc :-) and ate much fresh bread and some excellent cheeses etc with it during our 4 hour stay.

Luc’s family has had another addition in the two years since our last visit and we do wish him and his young family all the success he deserves.

General Observations + Food

1-3 June 2008

La Rochelle

Drive through Bordeau wine region and river crossing on way to La Rochelle - staying at St Jean d’Acre Hotel on the inner port by the towers  and Fort Boyard boat Cruise

+ see also Food Report on Restaurant Andre

General Observations

30+31 May 2008


Michael and Hans both enjoyed the trip from Lekeitio to Hossegor along the Atlantic coast much of it winding mountain roads until we hit the flat lands of the “Landes” [they were in the front - Jim and I (Jacqui) in the back]. The weather was still not the best with overcast skies and ocassional drizzle.

We thank Jacques and Bruno once again for a wonderful stay at their establishment “Barbary Lane” in Hossegor. Bruno makes really great cakes! One of our first tasks was to check out the beaches and see if there was any surf “up”. Unfortunately it wasn’t the best on our first day. Michael and I had a nice long walk around the Lake and back to the hotel via the ocean.

080531 Hossegor 028 SeafoodWe had a great meal just up the road from the hotel with the best chips Jim’s ever had (really crunchy!); a big bowl of white bait and fabulous barbecued mussles, prawns and really baby, bady squid – and masses of it.

The second day we attended to the laundry in the morning with Jim making friends with a lovely young lady in the laundromat who helped him fold his washing after she saw the job he was making of it. Unfortunately I came back too soon and took over this task! Off we then went to check out the local surf spots, local shops (how can the local surfies afford the expensive gear on offer?) and the weather was much better and so was the surf!

After this quick (2 night) stay it was time to pack the bags and head off to La Rochelle for the oysters and other seafood delights.

General Observations + Food

27-29 May 2008


The Trip from Olite to Lekeitio on the Atlantic Coast was easy and without too much trouble. For the early section past Pamplona we used the AP15 turning north to Zumarraga & on to Deba. At Ondarroa we again were not able to find the coastal “B1-638″ to Lekeitio and had to used the inland route via the B1-633. (on our way out of town we found the B1-638 along the coast to Ondarra – an excellent scenic route - and now know where it leaves from)
We have been to this old fishing port town before two years ago and were not disappointed with the location and views from the Hotel Emperatriz-Zita we had chosen for our 2 day stay. The Tapas Bars were not open all day – as they were 2 years ago – the reasonbeing that it’s too early and the season has not quite started. One small Bar Restaurant however did manage to stay open a little longer serving food through to about 4pm (16:00). Our evening meal had to wait to after 20:30 however in the hotel dining room. The weather was changing from quick showers to very warm sunshine during both days. We managed however to have an excellent time and did enjoy our stay.

A couple of quick comments about the hotel [ ]:
A little more attention to detail would make a big difference. Flowers in vases are left with fallen petals not cleaned away for days. The view from the balcony (which do have brackets for flower baskets – without any flowers) is spoiled by dirty roofs below with weeds growing in the gutters.
The staff – including the restaurant waiters / waitresses – do not speak or understand any English and the a-la-carte menu is only available in Spanish with no translation available (unless a fellow guest happens to speak both languages). – We noticed that at least 50% of guests are non-Spanish! (English and German was spoken by many) Reception staff are able to speak a good English in general however.
It appears that mangement is not fully aware of how the standard of the hotel is missing that little extra care and attention to details – which would make the experience just that much more perfect.

General Observations

26th May 2008

Olite – Parador

For Monday (26.May) we had booked into the “Hostal Principe de Viana” in Olite in the district of Navarra. Little did we know that a small visual treat was waiting for us in this little town off the main drag just south of Pamplona.

We managed to get out of Barcelona in morning traffic via the “Diagonal” and a large number of round abouts while dodging at times agressive drivers in cars and on scooters. Once we got the direction signs to “AP2″ and Lleida / Zaragoza we knew we were on the right track and on our way out of town. Following the “A” roads via the two above and than in direction San Sebastian and Pamplona it was a matter of taking the right turn off to get on to the N121 in direction Olite.

The town – like many in this area is a mixture of old, new and newly renovated (restored?) old buildings.
Finding the “Parador” hotel was no problem with signs directing us at every intersection. Once we reached the “inner courtyard” it became obvious why it was impossible to get it on any street maps. The temporary parking (to unload our belongings) is part of an old inner park and no vehicles may be parked in it – so out of the big stone gate again and off to the parking lot down below the grounds.

Part of the “Hostal Principe de Viana” is an old medieval Castle (built by King Carlos III of Navarra in the early 1500′s and was his summer residence until his death in 1425) - carefully restored and converted into an excellent hotel with a newly built wing housing the accommodation. The rooms are styled and furnished to give an old fashioned (middle ages) impression with up-to-date modern conveniences. After a little relaxation and quick refreshing drink in the bar of the hotel it was time to do the usual exploration of the surrounds. To our surprise the town square next to the old church (currently being restored) is an excellent example of new and restored old buildings creating an old fashioned feel to go with the history of the Castle (the hotel) and the church.
My camera was running hot after a couple of hours of snapping everything in sight …..

Yes we did really like this little place – both the town Olite and the Parador Hotel including it’s locally influenced evening dinner menu (from 20:30 of course) and the rich buffet style breakfast in the morning.

General Observations

23-25 May 2008


The trip to Barcelona on Friday (23.May) along the coastal road from Costa Brava to the Rafaelhotel Diagonal Port was “interesting”. We would not say it is something one needs to do and see – but we are glad we did see it this once.
The local “N” road is used by many trucks (no toll) and as we have seen in other European countries – here too the “trucky’s trolls” ply their trade on the side of the road, all very well groomed and sitting on white plastic patio chairs by convenient lay-bys [gives a new meaning to the term :-) ].
The most horrible sights along this road however is what has been done to the sea-side villages which once must have been some of the jewels along the coast north of Barcelona. Now they are ugly (often dirty) overcowded sites of mass tourism with highrise holiday apartment buildings and bars etc.
As I said above – it’s something we are glad to have seen once by passing through , but we never wish to see again. – Question is how can anything this ugly and overcrowded be commercially viable ?

OK – we got into Barcelona and like any large city – you have to find your way – and we did and got to the Hotel [ ] on the southern (newere) end of town just below the ‘Olympic port’. The facilities are very well presented supported by friendly and helpful staff. On-site secure parking is available (15 EUR per day) and breakfast (a good buffet style) is charged per person as it’s taken.

As is custom in Spain (and many of us find it hard to get used to) meal times are a bit unusual and room service food is generally only available at those times. Lunch is from 13:00 – about 16:00 and evening meal time starts at 20:30 (if your lucky) and goes to about 23:00.
There are however bars that serve Tapas. The traditional range has been expanded to include small single dish serves of various kinds of foods these days. The 1st afternoon (early evening) we were not too lucky in finding anything exciting. However the next two evening meals were taken at “El Modernista” – see seperate post under Food Reports.

Day one (Saturday) was spent on the “Rambla” [Outdoor cafes, stands selling birds, flowers, postcards, paintings, jewelry and more are set up right down the middle of the street, while more permanent tapas bars, hotels and shops line this important part of the city], “S. Josep Mercat” – with it’s large selection of stalls with all kinds of foods et al, and in many the side streets ….. the weather being a little kind to us with mainly sunny patches.
The next day unfortunately had to be declared a ‘rest day’ due to rain and cold winds, with some time spent reading books and spending time in the small hotel bar. Lucky by evening meal time it got just a touch better so we could get to the restaurant / bar without getting wet.

So we never did get to ride the double decker busses and did not get to see all the Gaudy sights again – which we had been looking forward to.
– …. well such is life :-(

General Observations + see “El Modernista” under Food Reports

18-22 May 2008

Costa Brava

On Saturday, 18.May, we drove about 450 km from Rocamadour in southern France to “Mama’s” in Empuriabrava on the northern Meditarian coast in Spain (Costa Brava). We used the fast A roads via Toulouse, Carcassonnne and Narbonne and only go back onto local “N” roads after Perpignan to go along the spectacular coastal road via Port Vendres, Banyuls-sur-Mer into Spain and on to Llanca and finally to Empuriabrava.

The 5 nights (4 days) were spent mainly with family and eating home cooked meals as one would when visiting “Mama” :-) . We needed to update the TV (with a new 26″ flat screen) as the old one had just died the day before our arrival, as well as the Laptop with another second hand unit (only is used for family eMails by Mama ;-) – who is after all 87 this year).

We did manage to go back to Ca La Maria for Lunch before we left. As on previous visits we had an excellent traditional Spanish meal – including Pigs Trotters, Pigeon, Leg of Kid (Goat) and of course the famous local Anchovies.
:-) see the Gallery for the food images

Leaving Mama and her trusted little dog companion “Teddy” was not easy as usual.

General Observations + Gallery for Food images

15-17 May 2008

Rocamadour, France

On Thursday 15. May we set off from Saint Remy on the long journey to Rocamadour. As expected the trip was through the hills between Nimes and Milau was slow going. We again used a short section on the A75 to pass over the valley of Milau via the impressive Viduct which marked the half way point of the days travel. After this it was back to ‘N’ roads via Rodez towards Rocamadour.

This is the 4th time Jacqui & Hans (3rd for Jim) have been to this Cite Medieval built against the rock of a deep valley. The Grand Hotel Beau Site [ ] and it’s Restaurant Jehan De Valon has seen us celebrate a number birthdays – this time it is Jacqui’s 50s (and she’s not too happy about this one :-) ). We always stay in our favourite suite ’22′ on the second floor of the old building [comprising a good size bedroom and a seperate small sitting room.  The bedroom is overlooking the narrow single lane main street and the bistro court yard with the valley beyond.

On Jacqui’s Birthday we took the car south to the wine district of Cahor, and followed the “Le Lot” river first west along the southern bank and after reaching Puy-l’Eveque we returned east towards Cahor on the other side (northern bank) – unfortunately the weather was not on our side and by about the half way mark the rain had really settled in. Sadly for us – but without it this region well known for it’s rich wine, Walnut and Safron would be able to produce it’s goods.

In the evening we enjoyed one of the splendid meals “Jahan De Valon” is famous for – see our seperate report under the food category.

The last day (Sat 17.May) in Rocamadour was devoted to shopping in the small shops lining the cobble stone single lane street of this village as well as visiting one of the many Foi Gras producers of the region to get Jacqui’s “fix” of this godly delight for the next couple of days :-)

General Observations + see “Jehan De Valon” under Food Reports

12-14 May 2008

Saint Remy de Provence

We have arrived in Saint Remy at the same place we have stayed at on our two previous visits to the small famous (think Vincent von Gogh) town in the Provence area in southern France. The Hotel Villa Glanum [ ] is a group of small cottage style rooms in an L shape formation with Olive trees in main court yard area. Some of the rooms face the large swimming pool – and we always have so far been lucky enough to be able to stay in a couple of those rooms facing south. Privacy is made possible by hedges and lot’s of bushes and flowering plants. Originally it was only a Bed and Breakfast place (this time the dining room also offers a small menu of basic very good french cuisine. We are pleased to report that the place has undergone some improvements in all areas since the new proprietors took over some 3 years ago. (the original owner passed away just two days before our stay 4 years ago)

We took the first day of our stay and visited the old roman aquaduct site at Pont-du-Gard. [Something I have been meaning to do for some time ;-) ]. It is a very impressive monument from the roman days and the current presentation and support site has been developed extremly well by the appropriate Authority.
It is a tourist attraction well worth the visit – there is no entrance fee, instead a high parking fee is charged. The support building complex has a small cinema and an excellent historical display as well as a good selection of the usual tourism geared services.

On our way back to our hotel we stopped over in Beaucaire – enjoyed a walk along the large boat harbour with many specially build / modified barges and modern “house boats” to enjoy the french canal system. The town is supplying good mouring and repair facilities for these new age boating community. We enjoyed and excellent lunch at the La Marine Brasserie (see seperate entry under Food Reports).

General Observations + see “La Reine Jeanne” under Food Reports

10-12 May 2008

Car Hire Italy to France

Hertz had our reservation for a vehicle from Mestre – I made sure of this the day after we arrived in Mestre – Thursday 08.May.

When I went to pick up the car on Saturday 10.May morning – as arranged at 08:30 – it turned out that the car I had requested (Ford Mondeo Station Wagon) was in fact not available and I was handed the keys for C220 Mercedes Station Wagon (the arrange price was still the same – including a Return “Drop” fee of 735 EUR. This is charged when you take a car out of one country and they have to return the car to the originl country of pick-up. Obviously I was expecting an Italian licenced vehicle (in the normal Hertz standard clean condition) and I would drop the car in Nimes (France) on 12.May in the afternoon.

To my surprise I found the car to be dirty – ie NOT cleaned at all after the last hire – outside with dead insects all over the grill, panels, mirrors and windscreen and “dirt road” dust and water marks all over the rear of the car – and inside we (Jacqui) found old chewing gum and some what appears to wire from a bra on the floor on the passenger side. And as if this was not enough of an insult – I discovered the vehicle was in fact registered in France and I was taking the car back to France for Hertz – ….. I have obviously taken photographs of all the outside of the car.

QUESTION: Why should I pay a “Drop” (one way) fee of 735 EUR for a vehicle that we are taking back to it’s country of origin for the Hertz company ? – Obviously the last person who hired the car and left it in Italy (Mestre) has also been charged a “Drop” fee for the vehicle to be returned to the place he picked it up from.
I call that “double dipping” – Note: Obviously I also paid for the hire of the vehicle for 3 days – 10, 11 & 12. May as I did not return it before 08:30 on the 12. in Nimes.

We will follow this up on our return
NOTE: You can not get any response from the desk of a Hertz branch about your hire if you do not drop it back to the same place where you picked it up – certainly never if their are two countries involved!
Hertz FR is NOT able (or willing) to give (or offer) any help about the actions of Hertz IT.

I do wonder how HERTZ head office feels about this (?)

PS – The requested Renault Scenic was not available in Nimes either and we had to settle on an Opel Zafira 1.7l Diesel – which will only just serve our requirements for the rest of the trip.
And once again the usual spotless condition is not as expected. And I had to take a photo of a bad scretch on the Driver’s Door.

POST SCRIPT: - after we returned to Australia I did follow these issues up and we were eventually re-imbursed the full 735 EUR "Drop-Fee" as the car was in fact returned BY US to it's 'home' town and country.

General Observations

10-11 May 2008

Menton, France

We needed a good rest after a long drive [560km] from Mestre / Venice (only interupted by the excellent lunch in San Remo). Menton is an old established little seaside resort town between the french border with Italy and the small State of Monaco – on the French Cote D’Azure.

We staid for two nights at the Hotel Price de Galles in the western end of town.
A normal 3 star establishment with clean rooms (ours with small balconies overlooking the Mediteranian), a good healthy buffet style breakfast and a small Restaurant “Le Petite Prince” where Jacqui and J080511 Menton Elsa Foodim had meal on the second night.

On our rest day (the 2nd day) we had an excellent lunch over the road from the hotel at Elsa Plage - a place not unlike La Fontana in San Remo.
Once again we enjoyed a mix of excellent seafood – Prawns, Calamary and Sardines with French fries and Salad.

Accommodation + Food Reports

7-9 May 2008

Hotel PLaza – Mestre, Italy

We booked online into the Hotel Plaza in Mestre (Main land city associated with the Islands of Venice).

The hotel is located directly opposite the Railway Station which is supplying service to Venice every 15 minutes. And the other reason we chose this hotel is it’s close proximity to the Hertz Car Rental branch in Mestre (two doors away as it turned out).

The website [ ] for the hotel did not really reflect the excellent rooms and service available at this establishment. It is a lot cheaper than anything we could find in Venice. It has easy access – located on a main street and opposite the Railway Station – and has plenty of Parking. The staff is VERY helpful and the food is very good. Rich selection avaiable from the buffet breakfast. The Dinner Menu offers a good choice of dishes with extra specials and wines suggested by the waiter – all of whom very very well experienced and seemed to enjoy their profession.

This Hotel has improved this travellers opinion of Italian hospitality – which from privious experience was possibly ranking as the lowest in European countries.

We can highly recommend the Hotel Plaza in Mestre – in the 3 – 4 star category.

Accommodation + see “Hotel PLaza – Mestre” under Food Reports

7-9 May 2008

2days – Venice, Italy

Venice / Venezia : Everybody who does any travel should see it – obviously!
However it’s not a place we would come and visit a second time. It’s not our kind of enjoyment, as we really do not enjoy too many people and big crowds. And it goes without saying – Venice is one of those places that attracts large crowds and many of these in large groups.

We did all the usual tourist bits one must do – a trip in a Gondula, Waterbus from the Railway station to the Piazza S. Marco and later a round tour including the island of Murano (famous for it’s glass). We did our walks through the narrow streets – window shopping, visited the local markets at Rialto and of course (one of the main reasons Jim wanted to come here) visited “Harry’s Bar”. The last could only be achieved on the second day as we (actually Jacqui was told) were not allowed in the establishment in our shorts – Jim & Hans that was. So on the second day we had our long pants on and were allowed in to order their expensive drinks.  Cost: 42 EUR (=~AU$ 67) for one cup of coffee and 2 “bellinis” (small glasses of sparkling italian wine with a dash of fruit juice) which this place is “famous” for. We were not the only ‘suckers’ – it seems they don’t have to do much else and as to standard of dress – well as long as men have long pants on it doesn’t matter about anything else ….. they quite happy to take anybody’s money.

But this establishment steeped in history isn’t the only one robbin’ you of your Euros. A trip taking 15 minutes from S.Marco to the Railway Station along the Grand Canal (3 people) sets you back 90 EUR. The cheapest cup of coffee I bought in Venice was 4.50EUR in a small backstreet cafe in Rialto

- BUT we had a great time and it was well worth the once of visit.

PS – You are not allowed to feed the pigeons – but there is a special photographer who will take your money for a picture with you feeding the pigeons on S.Marco Square.

General Observations

7th May 2008

Flight Gatwick to Venice

We did wish somebody somewhere had told us about internal EU flights – like the one we booked online with BA from London Gatwick to Venice Marco Polo – only allowing one suitcase per person into the hold and only one into the cabin (plus a Laptop and a hand bag).

We had to repack our suitcases at the airport.
We were VERY lucky to get an extremely helpfull service manageress – A lovely Irish lady – who helped us with selecting our cabin cases and than we repacked all our “sharp” and liquid items so that none were carried on board. The cabin items are allowed to be a lot bigger than we would ever get at the International in Perth [which is not allowing much into cabins at all ;-( ]

After that the flight to Venice was easy and over in a flash – just enough time for a coffee and two sandwiches supplied as in-flight meals :-)

We had some wait (long line of passengers) before getting a taxi to our Hotel for the next 3 nights in Mestre. 30 EUR was not cheap – but than we found out nothing is cheap in Venice …… (except the water busses when there isn’t a strike and you only can get to some stations).

General Observations

3-6 May 2008

Clarence Hotel, Windsor UK

This establishment in Windsor (West of London) has been our preferred place to stay for the last 3 trips to London / UK. It’s close to the airport (LHR) in a quiet location – except for being in the flightpath of the early morning (6am onwards) airport traffic.

The hotel offers comfortable onsuite accommodation and an excellent (friendly) breakfast service.
NOTE: Late night or very early morning arrivals are not well catered for as there is no “night porter” service and the front door is locked [every client has a key once signed in :-) ]

Windsor is (as most will know) the home of the Royal Family (Windsor Castle) and it’s also next to Eton which is a well known College town.

Both towns – Eton & Windsor offer a good choice of little eating houses and speciality shops – some in old fashioned village atmosphere.

Our stay at this hotel: Saturday 03. -  Wednesday 07.May 2008
Rates: 82 pounds per person incl breakfast

General Observations

3rd May 2008


We have survived the long flying stage from Perth to Hong Kong and after a brief period in transit on to London Heathrow airport.

The 8 hours stage from Perth to Hong Kong (departure 15min past midnight from PER – arrival 08:00 in HKG) must go down as one of the most uncomfortable flights we have been on for many years. The aircraft should have been taken out of service a long time ago. The Business Class area seating reminded me of “cattle class” on a Qantas flight I was on in 1994. OK – Anybody who knows me will agree that it is not easy finding seating for me that is comfortable – I am 2m tall and built like a “BSH”. That is one reason we do spend the considerable extra money on Business Class. I also make sure I have a seat in the front row so that I have that little extra leg room.
NONE of this was of any use in this aircraft.
But we were told by another frequent flying traveller that this airline (Cathay Pacific) is not the only one (he mentioned our own National carrier doing the same thing) who will put clients travelling this route (Perth to Hong Kong) into this out of date accommodation during a night flight where one expects to have some possible sleep time …… definately not possible on this flight !!

On a positive note: The cabin staff was most helpfull and attentive and even apologetic ….

The next stage to London was much more up to date with the modern business style seats etc. We got some good sleep at last and landed on time (4pm) at LHR. – The taxi driver gladly took my Google Map print out to get us for a fee of 65 pounds to our hotel in Windsor – where the familiar friendly staff made us feel at home. A couple of drinks and some food at the local corner pub before hiiting the pillows for a good nights sleep.

…… end of day 1 – 03.May 2008

General Observations

27th April 2008

Ready to go

All bookings have been confirmed and we have the e-tickets for our flights

  • Perth – Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong – London
  • London – Venice
  • Amsterdam – Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong – Perth

The Car Hire has been done online with Hertz

  • A Ford Mondeo Wagon from Mestre (Venice) to Nimes
  • At Nimes we will hand back the expensive Ford and take delivery of a Renault Scenic for the rest of the journey through France – Spain – France – Germany until we will hand it back in Amsterdam.

Our house sitter will arrive tomorrow (Monday 28.April) to get familiar with the house, our animals and her travel needs to Perth etc for the next two month while living at our home.

We will be going to Perth in two cars – Jim in his and Jacqui and Hans in the Colt – to the city house on Friday 02.May. After dinner in town  we will be going together to the airport about 21:00 hours in time to check in and hand our cases over to the care of Cathay Pacific.

OK – next post will now be “from the road”
:-)   J & J & H

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